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There’s a lot more to getting your ADU built than just completing feasibility, design, and permitting through Housable. Once you have your designs finalized, you can post them to the leading ADU Marketplace in California in order to source bids and find the right contractor to help bring your ADU project to life.

Our team has built a network of licensed, qualified general contractors in your area with experience in building ADU projects. Upon posting your project to the Marketplace, we’ll connect you to several contractors to have them perform a site visit and provide a project estimate, free of charge. Once you’ve had a chance to meet the contractors and review their proposals, we’ll leave it up to you to select who you’d like to move forward with.

Use the ADU Marketplace to help complete the final steps in your journey to bring your ADU to life:

  • Get started with pay as you go ADU feasibility, design & permitting services through Housable.
  • Post your designs to the ADU Marketplace to find the right professionals for your project.
  • Connect with contractors to understand how they operate and to source bids.
  • Select your contractor.
  • Bring your ADU project to life!

Move Your Project Forward in the Meantime

Enter your address below to learn more about your property ADU requirements and move your project forward while you look for contractors.

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Our Process

We provide tools and resources that help you move your ADU project forward at any stage. Use ADU Services to expedite the feasibility, design and permitting process for your project. Then, post your ADU designs to the ADU Marketplace to find the right contractor to build your project.


Check your property to learn the general requirements to build an ADU on your site.


Get started faster with pay as you go for ADU fesibility, design and permitting services.


Post your ADU designs to The ADU Marketplace to get on-site contractor estimates for your project.

What type of ADU should you build?

Use ADU Services to decide what type of ADU works best for your property and your needs.


Most popular are detached ADUs in the backyards, think of granny flats, in-law units. Attached ADUs and seperate unit additions are also included in this category.


Most homes are able to convert existing space of some sort into an ADU, be it a garage, an extra bedroom, or a basement. Some cities also allow Junior ADUs, so check your city to learn more.


If your property already has an ADU of some sort you should consider updating it to code so it can be permitted. This will allow the unit to be rented out or sold for it's full potential market value.

Check Your Property to Get Started

Check your property to get price quotes for ADU Services. Get started with feasibility, design and permitting and then post your project to the ADU Marketplace.

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