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Last Updated 10/13/20

The city government of San Leandro has not yet updated it’s local zoning codes to comply with the State ADU mandate so the State Standards apply to the ADU development.

Planning And Development Fees / Permit Fees

Applicable Fees Associated with New Housing Development in San Leandro, 2014

Type of Fee


Park Development

Parkland Acquisition Fee: $12,986.84 per single family unit; $11,351.13 per multi-family unit;

$5,676.14 per “special” unit.

Park Improvement Fee: $ 2,316.64 per single family unit $2,025.18 per multi-family unit

$1,012.60 per “special” unit

Note: Rather than paying the fee, developers also have the option of providing sufficient acreage of on-site public parkland to maintain the existing Citywide ratio of 4.86 acres of parkland per

1,000 residents. Credit for private open space is also provided, resulting in lower fees.

Development Fee for Street Improvements


General residential $1,304.07 per unit; Senior housing $650.73 per unit. Additional fees apply near Marina/I-880 and Davis/Doolittle.

Overhead Utility Conversion

Lesser of: i) actual/estimated costs, or ii) $1,365.56 per dwelling unit.

Sewer Connection

$4,000 for single family unit; $3,340 for multi-family unit

Water Connection (EBMUD)

Collected by EBMUD; $6,193 per lateral, higher if the pipe diameter is larger than 1”; for multi- family, cost is based on the number of meters per lateral; 2 units would be $6,654; 8 units would

be $9,210 (for 5/8” lateral).

Water System Capacity Charge (EBMUD)

$15,580 in flatlands (EBMUD Region 1); $26,950 in hills (EBMUD Region 2); higher if the meter size is larger than 5/8”. For multi-family, $9,070 /DU below I-580 and $12,580 above I-


School Impact

$3.36 per sq. ft. Example: Fee would be $6,720 for a 2,000 square foot house.

Community Planning

0.3 percent of valuation

Building Permit

Sliding scale based on project valuation. As an example, a $10,000 remodel would have a permit fee of $143 for the first $4,000, plus $14.20 for each additional $1,000, for a total of $228.20. A

$200,000 project would have a permit fee of $1,294 for the first $100,000 and $5.70 for each additional $1,000, for a total of $1,760.00.

Plan checking

Varies, but generally 80 percent of the building permit fee. Additional plan checking fees also may apply.

Electrical permit

$94 issuance, plus additional costs per circuit, with additional fees for appliances and motors.

Plumbing permit

$94 issuance fee, plus unit fees for each plumbing fixture. Other permit fees apply for

dishwashers, garbage disposals, sewer ejectors, water heaters, swimming pools, spas, sewer and storm drain work, etc,.

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Fees

$94 issuance, plus per fixture charges (heating registers, dryers, air conditioners, furnaces, etc.).

Certificate of Occupancy

Direct costs, $143 minimum


$235 for one and two family homes, plus $75 for detached garages and accessory structures

Variance and Use Permit

Direct costs

Administrative Review/ Exception


Site Plan Review

$1,148 for minor residential; $1,648 for major residential

$1,921 for major view preservation

Direct costs for major view preservation with exception

Parking Exception

Direct costs

Zoning Approval


PUD Filing Fees, Zoning Change, Environmental Review, Tentative or

Final Map Filing Fees

Direct costs

Fees for a Typical Single Family Home, 2014

Type of Fee


Building permit


Plan Check




Energy Fee








Mechancial issue


Plumbing issue


Electrical issue


Building issue




Sewer Connection


Street Improvement


Long Range Planning




Elec Automation


Plb Automation


Mech Automation


Plan Storage


Parkland Acquisition


Parkland Improvement




Green Bldg






OTHER POSSIBLE FEES (where applicable)

School Fees


Water Connection


Water System Capacity


Fees for a Typical 20-unit Multi-Family Building, 2014

Type of Fee


Building energy conservation


Building permit


SB 1608 and SB 1473 fees


Long Range Planning (Impact Fee)


Plan Check


Sewer Connection


Undergrounding Utility Fee


Park Impact Fee


Fire Review and Inspection


School Impact Fee


Mechanical, plumbing, and electrical permits


Strong Motion Instrumentation


Automation and filing fees


Other Misc. Fees




Source: City of San Leandro, 2014 Barry Miller Consulting, 2014 (*) based on new 2000 square foot house with a 466 square foot garage, permit value of $350,000 Fire 3% Building 4% Plan Check 5% Other 2% Elec., Mech., Plumbing 2% Water Capacity Sewer 7% Street Imp. 25% 2% Planning 2% Water Connection 10% Parkland 25% School 11% Undergrounding 2% Chart 5-1: Distribution of Fees by Type - 2014 (*) Source: City of San Leandro, 2014. Barry Miller Consulting, 2014 (*) The parkland acquisition and improvement fee would be lower for an infill lot in a previously developed area. The EBMUD fee presumes a new lateral to the street is required. Fees in this chart are based on single family construction. Planning and building fees represent about 15 percent of the total fee. Other fees, including roads, sewers, fire, and undergrounding, represent 14 percent of the total.10 One outcome of the California drought and the increasing shortage of potable water in California is a significant increase in water service charges. The cost of a water connection for a new home increased from $4,673 in 2009 to $6,193 in 2014, while the “system capacity charge” collected by EBMUD for each new home increased from $8,110 to $15,580. Water connection fees alone have gone up by $9,000 in the last five years, a 70 percent increase. The City will continue to work with EBMUD to explore ways to reduce the cost burden this places on new construction, particularly for in-law units and for affordable housing. Table 5-6 identifies the fees that would be collected for a hypothetical multi-family building comprised of 20 apartments that are 600 square each. On a per unit basis, the fees are lower than the fees for single family homes. However, since multi-family homes are typically less expensive than single family homes, the fees represent a similar share of the overall unit cost. Based on typical construction costs in San Leandro, the value of a 20-unit building for permitting purposes is estimated at $4.0 million (excluding land).

San Leandro City Planning Offices

City of San Leandro Planning

835 East 14th Street San Leandro, CA 94577

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