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Example Recent Report from San Jose

ADU Property Report For [Example Property]

Homeowner Information:

____ ___

Phone: (___)___-____

Email: ________-__@_____.___

Property Information:

_____ ______'_ ____ __ San Jose

Property Zone: RR-d1

Lot Size: 44431 sqft | Home Size: 2469 sqft

Bedrooms: 4 | Bathrooms: 3.0

Report Summary

The property located at [REDACTED] in San Jose is approximately 52,272 square feet and has an existing single family home of approximately 2,469 square feet. The home has 4 bedrooms and 3.0 bathrooms existing and is located in the RR (Rural Residential) single family zone and d1 Design Review District.

The County is having its final hearing on the ADU Ordinance March 10, 2020. Planning strongly suggests waiting until the ordinance is passed before starting an ADU project to avoid confusion and delays. The property is not within Habitat Conservation Area 2 because it is under 2 acres.

Based on the square footage of the current residence, a 1,200 sf attached ADU could be developed.

*** Please review the details throughout this report and then schedule a time to talk with a member of our team about this information and to answer any questions that you have.

Property Information

Property Records

City: San Jose
Jurisdiction: Santa Clara County
Property Zone: RR-d1
Lot Size: 44,431 sq. ft.
Home Size: 2,469 sq. ft.
Bedrooms: 4
Bathrooms: 3.0
Year Built: 1976

Property Restrictions

A Tier 1 Design Review may be required (including color samples). Chapter 3.20: Design Review Combining Districts

3.20.040 -d1 District (Santa Clara Valley Viewshed)
The -d1 combining district is intended to conserve the scenic attributes of those hillside lands most immediately visible from the valley floor. It is intended to minimize the visual impacts of structures and grading on the natural topography and landscape, using a combination of supplemental development standards, design guidelines, design review, and use of process incentives for smaller and less visible projects.

Zoning & Permitting Requirements

City Planning Office Communication

3/9/20 3:42p Customer notes: guests, extra space; new attached. Phone link isn't working. Called 408-535-3555; doesn't allow msg. Couldn't find property in San Jose's GIS. Called Santa Clara Co--it is in the unincorporated Santa Clara County jurisdiction. APN: 742-08-039 RR Zone. Updated links above to reflect Santa Clara County. 408-299-5770 left msg. Research on RR-d1.
5:03 spoke with Planner Glen: The County is having its final hearing on the ADU Ordinance March 10, 2020. He strongly recommended waiting until the ordinance is passed before starting an ADU project to avoid confusion. The property is not within Habitat Conservation Area 2 because it is under 2 acres. Looked up in County's GIS system with Flood Zones 100 year layer applied; the property was not within any flood boundaries.

ADU Types Viable on the Property

Attached, detached, JADU, conversion of existing space within primary home or accessory structure.

Additional Zoning Requirements


Permitting Process Overview

If the primary building is legal, start with the Building Department for a permit. If tree removal becomes necessary, then Planning handles that, after the building permit is acquired.

ADU Zoning Summary

ADU Quantity

Properties that convert existing space to create ADUs may be eligible for one ADU -AND- one JADU. ~ AB-68

ADU Type

Attached, detached, JADU, conversion of existing space within primary home or accessory structure.

Lot Size

Properties are not subject to minimum lot standards by ordinance or of the applicable zoning district. ~ AB-68

ADU Size

Planner confirmed, based on property square footage, a 1,200 sf attached ADU would be allowed.

This bill increases the minimum to an 850 square foot unit, or 1,000 square feet if the ADU includes more than one bedroom. ~ SB-13


The property is not within .5 mile walking distance of public transit.
Parking requirements for accessory dwelling units shall not exceed one parking space per unit or per bedroom, whichever is less. These spaces may be provided as tandem parking on a driveway. Off-street parking shall be permitted in setback areas in locations determined by the local agency or through tandem parking, unless specific findings are made that parking in setback areas or tandem parking is not feasible based upon specific site or regional topographical or fire and life safety conditions. Notwithstanding any other law, a local agency, whether or not it has adopted an ordinance governing accessory dwelling units in accordance with subdivision (a), shall not impose parking standards for an accessory dwelling unit in any of the following instances:
(1) The accessory dwelling unit is located within one-half mile of public transit.
(2) The accessory dwelling unit is located within an architecturally and historically significant historic district.
(3) The accessory dwelling unit is part of the proposed or existing primary residence or an accessory structure.
(4) When on-street parking permits are required but not offered to the occupant of the accessory dwelling unit.
(5) When there is a car share vehicle located within one block of the accessory dwelling unit.


The front setback for this zone is 30 feet.

SETBACKS: The maximum required setback for a detached new construction ADU shall be no more than 4 feet from the rear or side property lines. ~ AB-68

Fire Safety

The installation of fire sprinklers shall not be required in an accessory dwelling unit if sprinklers are not required for the primary residence. ~ AB-68


This property is subject the Santa Clara Valley Viewshed Design Review District.


Height for this zone is 35 feet.

ADUs are allowed to be at least 16 feet in height regardless of the underlying zone. ~ AB-68

Review Process

This bill requires a local agency to ministerially approve or deny a permit application for the creation of an accessory dwelling unit or junior accessory dwelling unit within 60 days from the date the local agency receives a completed application if there is an existing single-family or multifamily dwelling on the lot, and authorizes the permitting agency to delay acting on the permit application if the permit application is submitted with a permit application to create a new single-family or multifamily dwelling on the lot, as specified. ~ AB-68

Allowed Zones

A local agency may, by ordinance, provide for the creation of accessory dwelling units in areas zoned to allow single-family or multifamily use. ADUs are allowed in multifamily residential zones. Multiple accessory dwelling units within the portions of existing multifamily dwelling structures that are not used as livable space, including, but not limited to, storage rooms, boiler rooms, passageways, attics, basements, or garages, if each unit complies with state building standards for dwellings. (ii) A local agency shall allow at least one accessory dwelling unit within an existing multifamily dwelling and shall allow up to 25 percent of the existing multifamily dwelling units. ~ AB-68

Permit Fees

None for ADUs Less than 750 SF or JADUs.
ADUs Equal to or Greater than 750 SF- Impact fees collected must be proportional to square footage of existing dwelling unit(s).


*** The ADU must provide a entryway and living facilities unit that are separate from the primary home's entryway and living facilities.

Coastal Areas


Floor Area Ratio

The property has an existing floor area ratio of 0.056.


A permit may be required for tree removal. See Planning department, after building permit is obtained.

Historical Review

The property was built in 1976. No historical review required.

Geotechnical Review

Seismic review is a potential requirement for this property.

Earthquake zone data:
{"score"=>"D", "text"=>"Moderate/Heavy Damage", "MMI"=>"8", "shake"=>"Severe", "richter_scale"=>"5.2 - 5.9"}

{"score"=>"D", "text"=>"Less than 1 Mile to Known Earthquake Fault", "distance"=>"0.54 miles", "name"=>"Calero fault"}

Flood Zone Review

Flood zone data:
{"score"=>"B", "text"=>"Low risk of damage from stream/river flooding."}

{"text"=>"0.102 MILES from BFE = 365 feet", "meter"=>164, "distance"=>{"value"=>0.1020997689109519, "units"=>"miles"}, "elevation"=>{"value"=>365.0, "units"=>"feet"}}

FEMA Zone D[REDACTED]%20[REDACTED]%20hill%20rd%20san%20jose%20ca

Per County's GIS system with Flood Zones 100 year layer applied; the property was not within any flood boundaries.

Other Requirements

California State Law does not require you to reside on the property between January 1, 2020 and at least January 1, 2025 in order to construct an ADU. But for Jr. ADUs, state law allows jurisdictions to require owner-occupancy of either the main residence or the Jr.


Permit Fees Estimate

City Permit Fees Link:

Project Cost Estimates

Based on the general costs of labor and materials in the area and the specific requirements for design in The City of San Jose, we would estimate that the total cost for a 500 square foot new construction detached ADU would range from $145,000 and $195,000. These costs may be significantly lower for the conversion of an existing space to an ADU, though the potential for appreciation of the home would also be much lower for a conversion.

*** Please set a time with our team to discuss the factors which influence costs for an ADU project on a follow up call.

Planning Office Contact Details

County of Santa Clara, Planning and Development, 70 West Hedding Street, East Wing, 7th Floor
San Jose, CA 95110, Phone: (408) 299-5770, Glen Jia, Associate Planner, ‚ÄčEmail:

Other Useful Links

City Zoning Map Link:

State Law AB-68 Summary & Text:

State Law SB-13 Summary & Text: