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Detached ADU in Livermore, CA

Detached ADU in Hayward, CA

Garage Conversion in Oakland, CA

Detached ADU in Palo Alto, CA

Project Feasibility

Before making decisions, you’ll need to know what type of ADU(s) are the best fit for your property, based on state and local codes. Leverage our experience working with thousands of homeowners across 400+ jurisdictions in California to help get these answers.

ADU Property Report

Zoning code analysis
Property hazards check
Project consultation Q&A

Design Concepts

Every ADU project starts with concept designs. We provide the most flexible and practical design solutions to meet the needs of most properties.

ADU Design Report

3 concept designs based on your needs and specifications
Preliminary site plan and model of the existing property
Design consultation and updates included as needed

Plans & Permits

Once you have your design concepts nailed down, it’s time to draft plans and submit them for permits. We specialize in drafting the construction documents you need to get permits and source cost estimates from contractors for your ADU project.

ADU Permit Set

Architectural plans
Structural plans
Title 24 certification
Revisions included*

"Professional set of plans, fast turn-around. This is the best company out there for your ADU plans."

John in Vacaville, CA

Ordered ADU Permit Set

Navy Blue ADU in Livermore, CA

1,000 Sq. Ft. Built in 2020 - Completed Cost: $245,000

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