Statewide Update: New California ADU Bills AB68, SB13, AB881, AB670 have passed. These laws create more options for building an ADU in 2020. Use ADU Services to learn how they affect your property!

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If you're choosing between converting your garage or adding a backyard unit to your property, you should know that you might be able to do both. The State of California has passed new laws (AB-68 and SB-13) which expand local zoning codes for Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) statewide. As of January 2020, many single family and multi-family properties properties are allowed to add one ADU and one JADU.

Why build an ADU?

  • Flexible space for your family & friends
  • Appreciate your property's value
  • Generate extra rental income
  • Create new housing in your city
  • Detached

    Build a new ADU that is detached from your main home.


    Add an ADU that is attached to your main home.


    Convert your garage or accessory structure to an ADU.

    How can I get my ADU built?

    Our ADU Services and ADU Marketplace provide the fastest and lowest cost way to get started with your ADU project.

    How does it work? Get started on your project with expert assistance and without commitment using our customized ADU Property and Design Reports as your first step. Then, get on-site visits from local contractors who can provide you with guidance and estimates for your ADU project.

    Our Key Advantages

    Compare all the costs and services in one place to find the best fit for your needs and budget

    Order ADU zoning research, permit-ready designs and contractor estimates on one platform

    Get started on your timeline and your terms, without commitment

    The fastest and lowest cost way to get started with your ADU project

    Our ADU Process

    Expert Feasibility & Zoning Research

    Use our ADU Property & Design Reports as a starting point to plan your ADU project. Our experts will do the legwork with your city or county planning office and design custom ADU concepts for your property and your needs.

    Find contractors to build your ADU

    Use our local contractor database to get on-site visits and cost estimates to compare services for your ADU project.

    Getting your designs ready for city permitting and construction can speed up your ADU project and reduce unforseen costs later on in the process.

    First, Get Free Property Zoning Check for ADU

    From there, you can learn more about how to get ADU designs for your property, get contractor estimates, and get help moving your project forward. Check your property and get started!