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Select from hundreds of permit-ready ADU designs, get professional recommendations or sketch your own.

Pricing: Starting at $250

Turnaround: Delivered within 3-5 business days

Order your ADU Design Report

Select from our library, get recommendations or sketch your own.

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With plans in hand you can discuss project specifics and get realistic cost estimates from contractors.

Pricing: Included with your ADU Design Report

Turnaround: Get contractor intros instantly, schedule site-visits on your timeline.

Connect with contractors on the ADU Marketplace

We provide you the option to connect with contractors in our network who specialize in ADU construction to get construction cost estimates.


Complete project checklists & markup your plans to ensure we have everything needed to permit your project successfully.

Pricing: Included with your ADU Design Report

Turnaround: Whenever you are ready.

Markup your design to customize

Request customizations to your design using our PDF markup tool.

Project checklist

Comprehensive 25 point ADU project checklist to make sure you have all the information you need to permit your project.

Project site plan

Use our project site plan tool to confirm property dimensions and locations of utilities.

Project intake call

Our team will review your checklist and site plan map to verify your project is ready for permitting.


ADU Permit Set provides you with everything required to permit your project for construction.

Pricing: Your ADU Permit Set includes the complete architectural plans, structural plans and title 24 certification you'll need for permit approval. All projects are designed to the CRC 2019. Pricing for Standard Projects is based on ADU type, size and scope starting at $2,900. Non-Standard Projects start at a base price of $4,900.

Turnaround: Delivery within 10-20 business days from date of order. Final plans are delivered ready to submit for permit, approval time varies by jurisdiction and project scope.

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Order ADU Permit Set

Once your ADU Design Report has been completed, request your ADU Permit Set price quote for your project.

Architectural plans

Your architectural plans include everything you need to plan the project with your contractor and get feedback; cover sheet, site plan, floor plans, elevations and MEP plans.

Structural plans

Your structural plans will include foundation plans, framing plans, structural calculations stamped by a professional engineer licensed in California.

Title 24 energy certification

Your title 24 certification for energy code compliance is included in your ADU Permit Set order.

Submit your plans for permit

Once your ADU Permit Set is completed, our drafting team will prepare it to submit to your local jurisdiction.

Permit revisions & approval

After your plans have been submitted, you will either receive comments or an approval. All revisions required for permit are handled by our drafting team.


Once your permit is issued, you are ready to start construction.

Cost: Check construction cost calculator in your ADU Property Report to get an idea of current market rates in your neighborhood.

Turnaround: Construction timelines vary based on seasonality. Check our case studies for example project timelines.

Build your ADU

Experienced contractors know how to handle the project moving forward, but our team is here to help handle revisions required during construction or inspections.

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