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Terms of Service

Please read these terms and conditions to understand our general business policies and practices for providing high quality information and online services to homeowners, contractors, architects and other real estate professionals using our paid tools and services, as well as any complimentary usage. We intend for our policies, practices, alignments and the information we provide to be an objective and reliable resource for all who use our online services, and strive to uphold the highest level of satisfaction based on these standards. These terms of service shall serve as the standard agreement for any services provided through this platform.

Our Services

The general policies and practices for delivering online ADU Services and other paid services provided on this platform are listed below showing detailed terms, specification, and representations of the accuracy of all information provided in these services. All services provided by the platform are online services and while members of our team may provide assistance and answer questions about your use of our online services, any information provided should not be construed as certain or accurate without verification by licensed third party professionals and or local code enforcement offices.

ADU Property Reports

(Now a complimentry service.)

The Property Report service provides specific information gathered on behalf of the customer for a subject property from the applicable local jurisdiction and other resources assumed to be reliable by the platform. Housable is providing this information about specific properties that is furnished to users as a good faith estimate of the development potential of a property. You should not in any way base your development, investments, or other financial decisions on this information. We strongly advise you to consult with an industry professional, for example a lender, realtor, contractor or architect who is sufficiently licensed and insured in their field, and can work with you individually to confirm all requirements before moving forward with any real estate development or investment.

ADU Design Concepts

(Typically $150 to $350 per design concept.)

The Design Concepts offered in our ADU Design Studio provide a solid starting point for most ADU projects. Customization of standard models is available upon request. Project designs will be customized to the general requests of the customer, applicable codes, and the attributes of the property to show a conceptual use of space, site layouts, existing structures and the proposed construction or conversion project. Customers may provide example layouts, photos, drawings or other materials which may help guide platform drafters in their design process for the order. Once the initial design concepts are completed, they will be returned to the customer via email within 3 business days from order confirmation and will be immediately available for viewing and download. A follow up design call will be scheduled to review the designs provided, answer questions and take reasonable requests of updates to the designs provided in order to accommodate an iterative process and help the customer visualize their project at a high level. The objective of these iterations will be to narrow down options and define the proposed project to a point where it can be reasonably estimated for cost of construction. While the platform strives to serve all customer requests for design updates, platform drafters will reserve the right to reject requests for design updates when, for example, such requests may be overly difficult to provide, updates may make the project unfeasible, or if customer requests become unreasonably frequent or unclear. Timelines to deliver updates to completed design reports will be provided on a case by case basis, though our drafters will strive to meet timelines provided. Typical updates require 2-3 business days following a customer's request.

Contractor Site Visits

(Now a complimentry service with any design concept order.)

Note that it is typical for Housable to provide introductions to third party contractors to provide on-site consultations and cost estimates for ADU projects. These site visits should be coordinated and scheduled directly between the property owner and the contractor. The visit should typically take between 1-2 hours and may include on site photos, measurements and evaluation of the site conditions which the contractor deems necessary.

ADU Permit Sets

(Typically $1,900 to $3,900 per project.)

The ADU Permit Set service provides customers with a flexible drafting service that aims to deliver construction documents required for project permitting and construction within predictable timelines and at rates agreed to prior to drafting work being initiated. Upon finalization of a project design which is desired by the customer to be drafted into a Permit Set, platform drafters will review the project for complete quotation of services. It should be noted that not all projects will be offered Permit Set services for drafting of project blueprints. Additionally Permit Sets are not made available to customers for order until after a design report has been completed and reviewed by the platform drafting team. Permit Sets will be delivered electronically via email to customers within 10-20 business days from date of order confirmation.

Standard ADU Projects:

Projects that are located on a single family property and comply with the general statewide standards for ADUs as outlined below are priced as Standard Projects.

  • Single story unit that is a conversion of legal existing space, or new construction attached or detached.
  • The property is located in a single family zone and is currently a single family use.
  • If detached new construction: Must be less than 1,000 square feet.
  • If attached new construction: Must be less than 50% of the floor area of the primary home.
  • Project is not located in any special zoning overlays such as coastal, fire hazard, sloped, HOA or Planned Development area, as determined by our research in our ADU Property Report service.
  • Project does not include any construction on the primary home or other unrelated structures.
  • The project is not on a shorter or more restrictive timeline than our standard turnaround times. (10-20 business days from order confirmation.)
  • Amenities such as porch or deck space does not exceed more than 20% of the floor area unit.

  • Pricing Offered: Typically $1,900 to $3,900 per project. (including revisions)

    Premium ADU Projects:

    Projects which do not fall within the Standard Projects guidelines above are priced as premium projects that do not fall within the guidelines for. Essentially, these are more complicated, more labor intensive, or riskier projects.

    Examples of “Premium Projects”:

  • Project designs for multi-family properties
  • Projects which have more than one ADU, eg a JADU + ADU project
  • Projects that are 2 story or added above an existing structure.
  • Projects requiring special review due to a hazard or special overlay zone.
  • Alternative construction methods outside of standard CBC 2019 (eg. modular and panelized units)
  • Remodeling of a primary home when in conjunction with an ADU conversion or new construction project.

  • Pricing Offered: Typically $1,900 to $3,900 per project. (Base Price) + add-on fees for change requests, revisions and third party services.

    Permit Set Drafting Phases

  • Phase 1: Project setup and preliminary site plan sheet.
  • Phase 2: Floor plan, elevations and general architectural sheets.
  • Phase 3: Mechanical, electrical, plumbing and architectural spec sheets.
  • Phase 4: Project review, site calculations, general notes.
  • Phase 5: Structural, framing, foundation detail sheets.
  • Plan Submittal Preparation: Finalization of plans and preparation for submission to third party title 24 certification and local planning & building departments.
  • *NEW* Solar ready residential design solutions, as required in CA.

  • Permit Set Payment Terms
  • Submit 20% order confirmation payment to start the process.
  • Payment of 30% installment will be charged after the completion of Phase 2.
  • Final balance payment 50% is charged after the completion of Phase 5.

  • ADU Services Pricing & Payment Policies

    Orders placed for ADU Property Reports and Design Reports will be charged 20% of the total order price when the order is placed and the remaining 80% balance will be charged on delivery (COD) to the original payment method once the order has been delivered. ADU Permit Sets follow the drafting phase schedule shown above and will be charged in three installments, 20%, 30% and 50% upon final preparation for submission. All payments are processed using Stripe's secure checkout system which accepts all major credit and debit cards. Pricing for services is quoted based on local property attributes, market values, zoning restrictions for ADUs and other local factors. Price quotations for ADU Services are made individually for each property and may be changed for future orders you place.

    Specific pricing for revisions, change orders, specical project types:

  • (a.) Revisions: Revisions requested by customers or contractors to project plans as well as requests for information (RFIs) after permit approval will be billable at reasonable rates from $45/hour to $65/hour work depending on the scope of change. In addition, change of scope which is material to a project after order confirmation may result in price changes for the project. This charge is in addition to the base price for Premium ADU Projects.
  • (b.) Project Types: Permit Set drafting services will remain fixed price for single story detached and conversion ADU projects which are compliant with state laws. Pricing for two story ADU projects which may have a discretionary review process or other increased compliance measures which will be billed on a base plus add-on pricing model.
  • (c.) Unit Quantity: Pricing for Permit Sets will be increased based on quantity of units. For example, adding an ADU and a JADU to a single family property will cost more than adding an ADU to the same property.
  • (d.) Multi-Family ADU Projects: Projects on multi-family properties will be quoted on a base plus add-on pricing model and rates will vary on a case by case basis.
  • (e.) Special Reviews: Non-standard review processes such as soils reports, flood elevation surveys, boundary surveys, historical reviews, permit record requests, tree preservation reviews, environmental preservation reviews, or other similar processes are outside of the scope of our standard Permit Set services. Housable may offer assistance in sourcing third party services to meet such requests through our network of providers.
  • (f.) Additional Licensing: Services requiring special licensing or when it is requested will incur additional fees added to the base price quoted for projects. While these add-ons are uncommon for most projects, your Housable quotation will specify if a licensed engineer or architect will be required for permitting and approval of your project. When such a case is likely, additional reasonable fees will apply.

  • ADU Marketplace

    Customers may also elect to post their project to the Housable ADU Marketplace. Housable will work to connect homeowners to qualified contractors in their area. Qualified denotes that a contractor is licensed B (general) contractor with the California Department of Consumer Affairs Contractor State License Board (CSLB) or other similar state body in other states where Housable may conduct business. Additionally, Housable verifies that the contractor is bonded and insured, and performs a review of online reviews and other sources to verify that the contractor has not conducted any behavior which Housable deems to be unethical or is illegal. When possible, Housable will also review any outstanding litigation against a contractor as grounds to exclude them from the Marketplace.

    Housable will connect the homeowner with several contractors to bid on their project, but Housable does not select contractors on behalf of its customers. It is therefore the responsibility of the homeowner to properly vet a contractor prior to selecting them to begin construction. Housable may provide information such as a bid analysis report to summarize information contained within bids received from multiple contractors. This report and other communication regarding bids is for informational purposes only and does not constitute an endorsement of a particular contractor for a project. The homeowner is responsible for final vetting and selection of the contractor, and any disputes during or after construction shall be resolved between Homeowner and Contractor directly as stipulated in any bid or contract signed between those two parties. Housable does not bear liability for any construction disputes between Homeowner and Contractor.

    Software Services

    As design technology, GIS, public property information, and housing laws have advanced in recent years, it has become possible to evaluate, design, specify and permit smaller residential dwelling projects, such as ADUs, in more efficient ways that save customers time and labor costs, without sacrificing customization. The platform with its operators, and its drafters use extensive property analytics and software services to process orders for ADU Services - including architectural design systems, local zoning and permitting information, county level property information, and other internally developed software systems. Please note that our software services for ADU design, permitting and information provided in reports, design or drafting services and/or phone consultations about the information provided should not be used as the basis to make any development or investment decision. The platform and those working to deliver these services shall be limited from liability beyond the total price quoted by and paid to Housable the customer (less confirmation fees) of the services provided by Housable. Services for feasibility, design and drafting in California is provided in accordance with regulation BPC CA Code: Chapter 3. Architecture: Article 3. Section 5537(a)(1).

    All software developed by Housable or developed on-top of third-party software that is used to provide ADU services to homeowners is proprietary to Housable and considered intellectual property. Any attempts to use Housable’s services to copy software will result in the immediate termination of services and potential litigation.

    Content & Information

    Housable will not share your information with any third parties without your acceptance. This includes data shared directly on our platform, or via email, phone, or other methods of communication with our team. The platform does provide customers with functionality to share project information stored in the platform via private URLs, email, call and sms notification, but such services are only used at a customers discretion. This means that we will not pass customer information to third-party party professionals without the customer's knowledge. Please make us aware of any issues or suspicious activity you may encounter while using the platform. Send emails regarding unwanted third party contacts to and a platform operator will follow up to address the issue promptly.

    Mutual Confidentiality of Services: By using Housable's free and paid services you agree to maintain mutual confidentiality of such services. We will not share your information provided with third parties or publically without your prior consent and you mutually agree to do the same with information, findings and materials provided to you by Housable services.

    Our Web Services

    Many of our web services rely on modern internet security technologies such as cookies, analytics and other web tools in order to enhance the services we deliver and keep them secure. Please be advised that these systems are critical to the effective, timely and reliable delivery and improvement of the information and services provided on the platform. Any information we collect from these systems will only be used for internal processes and will not be made available to any third-party parties without your knowledge.

    Delivery of Services

    Our company and individual members of our team do reserve the right to refuse providing drafting, design or permitting services to anyone. While we rarely exercise this right, by buying our services, you agree to respect members of our team, our partners, contractors and others who we do business with in connection with the delivery of our services to you. Any actions or language which may make members of our team uncomfortable or disturb their ability to deliver services to customers will not be tolerated and may result in discontinuation of services. Additionally, you also agree that any request for members of our team to circumvent building codes, zoning codes or other regulations may result in discontinuation of services.

    Links To Other Web Services

    Our Service may contain links to third-party web sites or services that are not owned or controlled by We have have no control over, and assume no responsibility for, the content, privacy policies, or practices of any third party websites or services. We will, however, try to make it as clear as possible whenever you are leaving any of our domains to a third-party party website. We are also committed to ensuring that all third-party resources we refer to are of the highest standard of quality for all who use our service.

    Third Party APIs

    Housable incorporates the use of third-party party APIs such as Google Maps, Bing Search, Zillow, Stripe Payments and others. By using Housable services, you may from time to time be using these services as well.

    Policy Updates

    The platform reserves the right, at its discretion, to modify or replace these terms at any time. If a revision is material enough to require re-acceptance of the terms, we will attempt to provide not less than 10 business days of notice prior to any new terms taking effect. What constitutes a material change will be determined in good faith at our discretion.

    Terms & Disclosure

    Housable is providing information about specific properties that is furnished to users as a good faith estimate of the development potential of a property. You should not in any way base your development, investments, or other financial decisions on this information. We strongly advise you to consult with an industry professional, for example a lender, realtor, contractor or architect who is sufficiently licensed and insured in their field, and can work with you individually to confirm all requirements before moving forward with any real estate development or investment.

    Housable ADU Services software services for ADU design and permitting is provided in accordance with regulation BPC CA Code: Chapter 3. Architecture: Article 3. Section 5537(a)(1).

    Contact Us Anytime

    If you have any questions about our policies and practices we've set forth above, please let us know at You will receive an automated message reply shortly after your message is received and if a response is requested, a member of our team will respond as soon as possible.

    Thank you for using Housable, the ADU Marketplace!