Terms of Service

These terms of service outline the general policies and practices of Housable, Inc. and its online platform. The aim for Housable is to provide useful, accurate and dependable information and services to homeowners, contractors, architects and other real estate professionals who seek to develop housing projects. The terms set forth here are necessary for Housable to provide its platform to users, thus users of the platform must agree to these terms.

The Housable Platform

Housable is a platform that provides online products, tools and services for homeowners to prepare their ADU projects for construction. It is important that users of the platform are informed that Housable strives to remain objective in the construction process. To this end, our sole source of revenue is derived from permit-ready designs and drafting services for pre-construction. The Housable ADU Marketplace is provided simply as a value-add for users to expedite the process to get feedback and cost estimates for their projects from contractors. Housable does not make advertising or referral income from the ADU Marketplace so that users of the platform can be assured that Housable's interests are well aligned with the interests of our users.

Confidentiality on Housable

Housable does not share user information with third parties. This includes data shared directly on the platform, or other communication channels such as email, phone, or direct message. The platform does provide users with the option to connect with contractors and to share project information via email but such services are only used at the discretion of the user. Users of the platform agree to maintain mutual confidentiality of such services. We will not share your information provided with third parties or publically without your prior consent and you mutually agree to do the same with information, findings and materials provided to you by Housable services.

Housable Products

Each of the free and paid products offered directly by Housable are listed below. Orders for "ADU Designs", “ADU Permit Sets” and “Drafting Add-ons” make up the entirety of the platform’s revenue. The terms by which Housable delivers and provides these services are outlined here.

  • ADU Property Report: Housable provides ADU Property Reports to non-commercial users free of charge. These reports are intended to provide homeowners with useful information that can help to research the options to build an ADU on any particular property. These reports should not be used for the purposes of reselling services or products or other commercial uses without prior authorization.

  • ADU Design Report: The Housable ADU Design Report is the first phase of our in-house design and permitting process and is included in your ADU Permit Set order. Your ADU Design Report provides between one and three custom ADU designs for your property as well as confirmation of feasibility with the local permit office. Once your ADU Design Report order is placed, designs may be selected from our library, provided in your own sketches, or drawn using our floor plan drafting tools. After the designs are prepared, you may mark them up to request updates. Turnaround time for each ADU Design Report order is 3-5 business days from date of order confirmation. Turnaround time for update requests does vary based on the frequency and complexity of your requests.

  • ADU Permit Set: The Housable ADU Permit Set provides users with a complete solution to permit their project for construction. Each ADU Permit Set is delivered permit-ready, meaning that the plans are prepared in accordance with state and local building codes and zoning codes and in a format that is ready to submit for permits. The plans are also fully sufficient for contractors to build from, once the project has been permitted. The table provided below shows the pricing tiers offered for "Standard Projects" and "Non-Standard Projects". The exact price and scope of work will be included in a quote provided before acceptance.

    Standard Projects Non-Standard Projects
    Squarefootage 1,000 sq. ft. or less More than 1,000 sq. ft.
    Height 16 feet or less (1 story) Over 16 feet (2 stories, includes "lofts")
    Bedrooms 2 bedrooms or less 3+ bedrooms
    Bathrooms 1 bathroom 2+ bathroom
    ADU Type Detached new build, convert existing permitted space Attached new build, convert unpermitted space
    Additions Adds less than 151 sq. ft. or any height to an existing non-conforming space Adds over 150 sq. ft. or height to an existing non-conforming space
    Units 1 unit 2+ units
    Pricing & Delivery
    Delivery Time* 10-20 business days 20-30 business days
    Permit Approval** Approval guarantee Limited guarantee
    Structural Engineering** Included Add-on fee
    Pricing*** TBD, fixed price based on project scope TBD, estimated based on project scope

    * Delivery times are estimated based on past projects and standard drafting processes which are subject to change.

    ** All Standard Projects receive our permit guarantee which means that we back our services with full support for each project until the standard project reaches approval. Our team will work with you and the city to reach approval for your project as we do for all Standard Projects, but due to the complexity of Non-Standard Projects, we are not able to predict approval timeline or aspects of the project which may require revisions by the city to reach approval. For these reasons, we are unable to provide the same permit guarantee that we do for Standard Projects.

    *** Total price for a Standard Project includes structural engineering fees. Base price for a Non-Standard Project does not include structural engineering fees. Structural engineering fees for Non-Standard Projects are billed as add-on fees.

  • Drafting Add-ons: Many projects will require additional services that are beyond the scope of the plans provided in an ADU Permit Set order, in particular Non-Standard Projects. These services will either be billed in a separate invoice or provided directly to the user by a third party. The most common is structural engineering, which is invoiced separately.

  • ADU Marketplace: Housable ADU Marketplace allows you to connect with local ADU contractors directly to get on-site visits and cost estimates for construction of your project. Introductions will be made via email and will include project specific information and contact information of all parties to facilitate efficient follow-up communication. The platform seeks to provide high-quality recommendations to professionals. Any calls, emails and site visits should be coordinated and scheduled directly between you and the contractor. Typically professionals will be able to provide high-level cost estimates based on preliminary plans and design ideas. Each project will typically receive between 3 and 5 introductions to contractors. Housable does not endorse any particular professional and you should always do your own due diligence before committing to work with any professional whether or not they have been introduced through the platform.

Scope of Work Updates and Change Orders

The quote provided may be subject to change if the project's factors are altered during the course of the project. Any changes in the scope of work will be assessed, and the project quote may be adjusted accordingly. Turnaround timelines will vary based on the scope of work, project stage, and nature of the changes.

Unauthorized Use

Housable reports, designs and tools are provided for the specific users and properties for which they are ordered. This information should not be distributed beyond the recipient they were intended for unless using sharing features within the platform. Unauthorized use, copying, distribution or emulation for purposes is a violation of these terms.

Ownership of Documents

Unless specifically provided by an addendum to this contract, all reports, calculations, estimates, and other documents prepared by ​Housable shall remain the property of ​the platform. The drawings and specifications from Housable shall be used solely for the construction of the project for which they are intended. Any sharing outside the platform without prior written authorization from Housable is prohibited.

No Third-Party Beneficiaries

This Agreement and all related obligations and services are intended for the sole benefit of ​the user and Housable ​and are not intended to create any third-party rights or benefits except as expressly set forth herein.

Invoices & Payment Methods

Invoices for services rendered by the ​platform ​will be delivered via email and payments will be charged to the payment method associated with the ​user account for the project according to the terms specified in the ​Offered "Fees & Payments​" table of the "ADU Permit Set Order Terms" and a quote provided for the project. In the event that a payment method is declined, all services will be halted until any outstanding balance is resolved. All payments will be processed via credit or debit card and an active, valid payment method is required at all times. Accounts with two or more ongoing projects may be approved on a case-by-case basis for alternate payment methods (check or ACH).

Progress Payments

Progress payments are required during the duration of the project as outlined in the project's quote, upon performing the work outlined. The last 30% payment for the permit approval milestone, if included in the quote, may be split into 2/3 and 1/3 progress payments, after our team has responded to comments and it is assured that no significant barriers or uncertainties about the approval of the project remain. In event of project termination, suspension, abandonment, change of scope, or change order ​Housable shall be compensated for the services performed up to this point.

Reimbursable Fees

Payment of third-party professional fees, city permitting fees, and other reimbursable fees is required before completing the submittal or obtaining the documents from third parties. We may cover small reimbursable fees to avoid slowdowns in the permitting process on a case-by-case basis. Reimbursable fees invoices are due on delivery.

Payment of Refunds

Refunds will be offered under limited circumstances, which are outlined by the "No risk, money back guarantee" extended to customers to ensure a property's eligibility for ADU development. Other than in the case of a property being not eligible for ADU development of any type, refunds will not be offered for services rendered and delivered by Housable to users.

Contractor Licensing & Insurance

The user ​agrees that all on-site work being performed during pre-construction and construction of this project will be performed by either a.) the rightful owner of the property or their legally authorized agent and or b.) a contractor who is properly licensed and insured.

Limitation of Liability

The aggregate liability of ​the platform ​will not exceed the original contracted fee for professional negligence, acts, errors, omissions or other acts giving rise to liability based upon contract, tort, or statute and user agrees to indemnify and hold harmless ​the ​from and against all liabilities in excess of the monetary limit established above. “The parties have considered the risks involved and have specifically negotiated this provision”.

Unpermitted Work

User agrees that all unpermitted work existing on the property has been disclosed in the “Project Checklist” and that any which has not been previously disclosed will be outside of the scope of these services. If such work is discovered, Housable maintains the right to halt the services until the unpermitted work is removed or legally permitted and that under such circumstances all fees agreed to will remain valid and that no refunds or discounts will be offered by Housable.

Third Party Websites

The Housable platform may contain links to third-party web sites or services that are not owned or controlled by housable.com. We have no control over, and assume no responsibility for the content, privacy policies, or practices of any third party websites or services. We will, however, try to make it as clear as possible whenever you are leaving any of our domains to a third-party party website. We are also committed to ensuring that all third-party resources we refer to are of the highest standard of quality for all who use our service.

Use of External APIs

Housable incorporates the use of third-party party APIs such as Google Maps, Zillow API, Stripe Payments, Twilio VIOP and others. By using Housable services, you may from time to time be using these services as well.

Discontinuation of Services

Housable reserves the right to discontinue service to users under circumstances. While we rarely exercise this right, by ordering from Housable, users agree to respect members of the Housable team, partners, contractors and others who the platform works with in connection with the delivery of our services. Any actions or language which may make members of our team uncomfortable or disturb their ability to deliver services to customers will not be tolerated and may result in discontinuation of services. Additionally, you also agree that any request for members of our team to circumvent building codes, zoning codes or other regulations may result in discontinuation of services.

General Disclaimers

Housable is providing information about specific properties that is furnished to users as a good-faith estimate of the development potential of a property. You should not in any way base your development, investments, or other financial decisions on this information. We strongly advise you to consult with an industry professional, such as a lender, realtor, contractor, or architect, who is sufficiently licensed and insured in their field, and who can work with you individually to confirm all requirements before moving forward with any real estate development or investment.

Housable products and services for ADU design and permitting in California is provided in accordance with the BPC CA Code: CHAPTER 3. Architecture: ARTICLE 3. Section 5537(a)(1).

Notice of Policy Changes

The platform reserves the right, at its discretion, to modify or replace these terms at any time. If a revision is material enough to require re-acceptance of the terms, we will attempt to provide not less than 10 business days of notice prior to any new terms taking effect. What constitutes a material change will be determined in good faith at our discretion.

Thank you for using Housable. We can't wait to see what you build!