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Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) are one of the fastest growing capex investments in California. Additional units can now be created from existing garages, storage spaces, and leasing offices or newly built.

What's allowed?

ADUs for Multi-Family Portfolios

Strategy: Identify your best ADU development opportunities at scale, increase unit count by up to 25% for many properties.

Example Shown: Working with an owner of over 200 units to add ADUs in unused interior and exterior spaces across their properties.

ADUs for Affordable Housing

Strategy: We help affordable housing developers increase unit density and affordability with ADUs.

Example Shown: We are working with a non-profit affordable housing developer to add 60 ADUs to an existing low-rise affordable community.

ADUs for Single-Family Portfolios

Strategy: Determine which of your properties should add a new construction attached or detached units and which should convert existing garages to ADUs.

Example Shown: Worked with a property owner/manager to develop over 50 conversion and new build ADUs acrosss their single-family rental portfolio over the past 3 years.

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+1 Garage Conversion ADU
+2 New Construction ADUs
+3 Garage Conversion ADUs
+2 Conversion ADUs
+1 Second Story ADU
+1 Conversion ADU