California Takes Another Big Step To Promote ADUs Statewide

**UPDATE** California has since passed even newer legislation in 2020 expanding ADU laws even further. Click Here to read more about these, and below to read the progress California has made in recent years

Check out the highlights from the bills that passed in 2019

On Friday the 13th, 2019, a handful of housing bills in the California State Legislature passed with strong support. These bills could mark a new era in housing development by changing residential zoning codes as we know them today. The bills, in aggregate, broaden the definition of single family zoning by making nearly all single family homes statewide eligible to add an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU), commonly known as a backyard home, in-law unit or garage conversion. A few of the specific zoning changes that are now law will eliminate owner-occupancy standards, reduce minimum lot size, setbacks and limits to HOA requirements for ADU projects statewide. These laws have the potential to reverse long running home production deficits by jump-starting a new sector of infill housing.

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AB68 & AB881 (Overlapping bills)

  • Removes minimum lot size requirements for ADUs
  • Reduce maximum setbacks applicable to an ADU to 4 feet
  • Increases the size limit of an ADU substantially
  • Voids FAR, lot coverage and other standard's applicability to ADUs
  • Reduces the max approval time for an ADU to 60 days
  • Exempts garage conversion ADUs from replacement parking
  • Allows for up to 2 ADUs on multi-family properties
  • Allows a single family property a conversion ADU and a JADU per property

  • SB13

  • Eliminates owner-occupancy requirements for ADUs
  • Reduces impact fees for ADUs
  • Creates an amnesty program for existing un-permitted units

  • AB670

  • Removes restrictions placed by local homeowner's associations to prevent ADUs

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