Construction Deemed An Essential Service in California During COVID-19

Update on California Construction During COVID-19

While the recent shutdowns have thrown considerable uncertainty into most people’s business and development plans, the good news is that the California State government has officially deemed housing construction to be an “essential service,” and projects across the state will proceed forward.

This includes ADU projects, and means that you may be allowed to proceed with construction, once you have the proper permits. We recommend working directly with your contractor to ensure that the proper health and safety protocols are followed throughout the buildout of your project.

Housable is also in close communication with planning offices across the state and has learned that approximately 75% of planning offices are currently accepting ADU applications online. Some regions of California have stricter mandates, so it’s best to check on your private property page to get more details.

Housable is continuing to offer ADU Services uninterrupted throughout this period. To see if your property is eligible for an ADU, enter your address on our property checker tool and we can work with you and answer some questions about the ADU process. We look forward to helping you plan, design and permit your project, whenever you are ready.