News about ADUs

Citrus Heights, CA Platform for Homeowners to Develop ADUs Launches in Citrus Heights 2018-06-07

San Diego, CA San Diego City Council Makes It Cheaper To Build ‘Granny Flats’ 2018-05-01

San Diego, CA San Diego shrinks 'granny flat' fees to spur construction amid housing crisis 2018-05-01

State of CA California Housing Revolution? 2018-02-22

San Francisco, CA The Bay Area housing crisis depicted as nutrition labels 2018-02-21

East Bay, CA High or low end, Bay Area home values continue to climb 2018-02-21

State of CA Opinion: How California can solve its housing disaster 2018-02-02

Vancouver, WA Accessory Dwelling Unit Code Changes Approved in Vancouver, WA 2018-01-30

Menlo Park, CA Bay Area family’s arduous quest to create a backyard container home 2018-01-30

Bay Area, CA Building a granny flat can cost big bucks. But there’s help out there 2018-01-29

Mountain View, CA Mountain View hopes more residents will jump on the granny flat bandwagon 2018-01-20

Seattle, WA Where to find new space in your current home 2018-01-19

Palo Alto, CA New accessory-dwelling units law brings hope, confusion 2018-01-16

State of CA California State Senator Introduces New Accessory Dwelling Unit Bill 2018-01-10

North Bay, CA North Bay housing need’s great, but here’s an opportunity 2017-12-29

Cupertino, CA City Council loosens rules for accessory dwelling units 2017-12-28

Los Angeles, CA Growing popularity of granny flats in LA creates niche industry 2017-12-26

Washington, DC Are alleys the new frontier for D.C.’s housing market? 2017-12-24

Chicago, IL Under-Zoning Is Exacerbating Displacement Near The 606 2017-12-20

Pasadena, CA Grannies get a chance for a better roof over their heads 2017-12-20

Portland, OR Portland should ease tree burdens on tiny-home development 2017-12-08

Sonoma County, CA Permit fees and wait times mounting for Sonoma County fire victims 2017-12-08

Pasadena, CA Who wins by allowing granny flats in Pasadena? We all do 2017-12-07

USA America's future depends on the death of the single-family home 2017-12-06

Santa Rosa, CA Granny units continue to vex Santa Rosa council 2017-12-05

Boston, MA Boston-area mayors come together to address housing crisis 2017-12-05

Marin County, CA Marin County considers mandatory rent-increase mediation 2017-12-01

Salt Lake City, UT Council tentatively approves law allowing 'mother in law' apartments 2017-11-29

Denver, CO Are hundreds of backyard cottages part of the affordability solution? 2017-11-28

Sebastopol, CA Sebastopol housing costs challenge city council 2017-11-27

Arlington, VA County Board Votes to Encourage More Accessory Dwellings 2017-11-27

Bellevue, WA East Bellevue Community Council votes for continuance | Letter 2017-11-25

Fountain Valley, CA New granny flat rules clear first hurdle in Fountain Valley 2017-11-23

Longmont, CO Longmont’s New Land Development Code Update – Zoning Districts 2017-11-19

Redwood City, CA Redwood City officials taking aim at regulating Airbnb amid growth 2017-11-18

Olympia, WA Olympia needs more housing. Does your neighborhood have room? 2017-11-17

USA Living Large in Small Spaces by “Making Room” 2017-11-17

Laguna Beach, CA Laguna Planning Commission favors increasing size of granny flats 2017-11-16

Santa Maria, CA Santa Maria Planners Reject Owner-Occupancy Rule for Accessory Units 2017-11-16

Vacaville, CA Vacaville planning commission recommends standards for accessory dwellings 2017-11-15

Goleta, CA City of Goleta Mulling Regulations for Accessory Dwelling Units 2017-11-13

Laguna Beach, CA Laguna Planning Commission will review proposed changes for granny flats 2017-11-11

Saratoga, CA Youth, Planning and Traffic Safety commissions full agendas this week 2017-11-10

Santa Cruz, CA Soquel Creek Water District moves to reduce new granny unit construction costs 2017-11-08

State of CA More Cities Say Yes to Granny Apartments, ADUs 2017-11-07

Vacaville, CA Bed and breakfast inn proposal ruffles Buck Avenue residents 2017-11-05

Bay Area, CA Fires Aren’t the Only Threat to the California Dream 2017-11-04

Portland, OR Tiny house industry insiders say tide is turning in Portland 2017-11-03

Arlington, VA Making renters more welcome: Arlington revisits ‘granny flat’ regulations 2017-10-29

Bay Area, CA Study: Market Shrinks for Bay Area Homes Priced Under $500,000 2017-10-28

Sunnyvale, CA Sunnyvale eases some restrictions on building granny units 2017-10-27

Winston-Salem, NC County commissioners removing kinship provision in accessory dwellings 2017-10-27

Portland, OR Portland hosts national summit on Accessory Dwelling Units 2017-10-25

Berkeley, CA Opinion: ADUs present an innovative way to create affordable housing 2017-10-24

State of CA Assemblymember Richard Bloom Talks on CA Housing Legislative Package 2017-10-23

Sonoma County, CA Moving forward on housing relief 2017-10-22

Bend, OR Bend council approves housing fee exemptions 2017-10-20

Orange County, CA Aliso Viejo ordinance may help create more housing in the city 2017-10-20

Pasadena, CA Opinions Range at Accessory Dwelling Unit Town Hall Meeting Tuesday 2017-10-18

Austin, TX CodeNEXT density increase could mean parking requirement decrease 2017-10-17

Seattle, WA City of Seattle starts review process for ADU rule changes 2017-10-16

San Diego, CA Vacation Rentals Worsen the Housing Crisis 2017-10-15

Ventura, CA Ventura to consider sales tax spending and granny flats Ventura County Star 2017-10-15

North Bay, CA North Bay fires may bring housing crisis of epic proportions 2017-10-13

Cody, WY Rules for accessory dwellings may change 2017-10-11

Pleasanton, CA Guest Opinion: How to deal with new state housing laws 2017-10-09

State of CA [CA] Governor Brown Issues Legislative Update 2017-10-08

Long Beach, CA ANOTHER VIEW: Keep Granny Flats Small 2017-10-06

Carlsbad, CA Carlsbad passes new accessory dwelling ordinance 2017-10-05

Portland, OR Portland neighborhood growth recommendations released 2017-10-04

Tempe, AZ Tempe neighborhood struggles to hold onto its identity 2017-10-04

Sturgeon Bay, WI Accessory dwelling changes takes next step in Sturgeon Bay 2017-10-03

Seattle, WA New rules for backyard cottages and in-law apartments? 2017-10-03

Laguna Beach, CA Illegal Units Likely to Emerge from Secrecy 2017-10-02

San Jose, CA San Jose mayor proposes 25,000 residential units amid housing crisis 2017-10-02

Los Angeles, CA Dying shopping malls can make room for new condos and apartments 2017-09-29

Boulder, CO From the Editorial Advisory Board: Granny flats 2017-09-29

Mendocino County, CA Mendocino County vacation rental ban a no-go 2017-09-23

Santa Clara County Housing is a statewide crisis - Bay Area prices are soaring again 2017-09-19

Del Mar, CA Affordable homes may come in Del Mar backyards 2017-09-18