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The city government of Concord has updated its local zoning codes to comply with the State ADU mandate.
The California Building Code (CBC) 2019 is adopted.

Last Updated 10/13/20


City Hint: The city permitted a total of 33 ADU projects in the past year of 2019, which makes it above average for ADU production compared to other cities statewide.

Number of ADUs allowed:

1. Lots with an existing or proposed principal residence:
i. One ADU within the space of a proposed or existing principal residence;
ii. One ADU located within the footprint of an existing accessory structure legally constructed with a building permit; OR
iii. One detached, new construction ADU.

Lots with an existing multi-family dwelling:
i. At least one ADU on a lot containing an existing multi-family dwelling, constructed within areas that are not used as livable space, including, but not limited to, storage rooms, boiler rooms, passageways, attics, basements, carports or garages, not to exceed 25 percent of the number of existing multi-family dwelling units; and
ii. Two detached ADUs per lot.

Types of ADUs allowed:

Detached ADU, Attached ADU, Junior ADU are permitted. ADUs may be new construction or converted from existing space. JADUs must be converted from existing space.

Lot size:

Residential properties will not be subject to any minimum lot size for Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)s by ordinance or of the underlying zoning district. ~ AB-68

ADU size:

Studio or one bedroom: 850 square feet maximum
Two or more bedrooms: 1,000 square feet maximum
Additionally, attached ADUs (including conversion of existing habitable space within the principal residence) shall not exceed fifty percent (50%) of the gross floor area of the existing principal residence. The 50% limitation does not apply if the ADU is 800 square feet or less.


Front yard: Per the applicable zoning district
Side and rear yards: Four feet
Corner side yard: Four feet but in no case shall the ADU be closer to the property line than the proposed/existing principal dwelling
Between structures: Per the Fire and Building Code Regulations (typ. 5 feet)
The minimum setbacks shall be waived for an ADU constructed entirely within the footprint of a legally constructed principal residence or accessory building, and for up to 150 square feet outside of the footprint of said principal residence or accessory building if the additional area is limited to accommodating ingress and egress; however, the ADU must still comply with all applicable Building Code Regulations.


One off-street parking space per ADU is required. These spaces may be provided by a garage or carport, as tandem parking on a driveway. Only uncovered spaces may be located in setback areas. The required parking can be waived if findings are made that parking is not feasible. No new parking spaces are required if a garage, carport or covered parking structure, legally constructed with a building permit, is demolished to accommodate new construction of an ADU or if said structures are converted to an ADU.
In addition, no new parking is required for ADUs when:
1. Located within ½ mile walking distance of public transit (e.g., a bus stop or BART station); or
2. The ADU is within the proposed principal residence or within an existing principal residence or within an existing accessory structure legally constructed with building permits; or
3. When on-street parking permits are required but not offered to the occupant of the ADU; or
4. When there is a car share vehicle (e.g., Zipcar) located within one block of the ADU.

Fire Safety:

Fire Sprinklers are not required unless they are required in the primary home.

Shape, materials and style:

Accessory dwelling units must be subordinate to the primary structure by size, location, and appearance, and must comply with the following criteria:
1. Roofing and siding materials shall be the same style, color, and materials as the roofing and siding materials predominant on the primary structure.
2. Accessory dwelling units shall be painted the same color, or be complementary to, the color scheme of the primary structure.
3. Architectural detailing, including but not limited to fascia, window trim, and door trim, shall replicate and be complementary to the trim detailing of the primary structure.


The maximum height for an ADU is sixteen feet. The maximum height (16 feet) can be exceeded to accommodate an ADU constructed entirely within the exterior physical dimensions of (i) an existing principal residence, multifamily dwelling, or accessory building legally constructed with a building permit or
(ii) a proposed principal residence. In no case shall the ADU have a building height greater than the existing building or sixteen feet, whichever is greater.

Design review:

A new accessory dwelling units require Planning Ministerial Approval and a Building Division Permit. A checklist for submittal requirements for the Planning Minister Approval is attached for reference.

Number of Bedrooms:

No Maximum on number of bedrooms by the state.


The property is not required to occupy the ADU or principal residence.

Utility connections:

Local health officer approval where a private sewage disposal system is being used, if required. (State requirements)


An accessory dwelling unit is an independent dwelling located on the same lot as an existing single-family residence. The unit may be created by converting existing floor space, converting an existing accessory structure, attaching the unit to the main residence, or building a separate structure. The purpose of allowing Accessory Dwelling Units is to provide the opportunity for the development of small rental housing units designed to meet the special needs of families and individuals.

Allowed Zones:

*** Beginning in 2020, according to state law, all residential zoning districts, including single-family and multi-family, are allowed to build Accessory Dwelling Units. ***

Accessory dwelling units are allowed in all single-family residential (RR, RS) districts, low-density residential districts (RL), and in other districts where a legal single family residences exists. An accessory dwelling unit shall meet all provisions of the district in which they are located (Zoning information can be found at:

Residential Building Code:

The California Building Code (CBC) 2019 is adopted.

Concord City Planning Offices

Planning & Zoning

1950 Parkside Drive Concord, CA 94519 Concord, CA 94519

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