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Last Updated 09/20/21

The city government of Garden Grove has updated it’s local zoning codes to comply with the State ADU mandate.

Planning And Development Fees / Permit Fees

Planning and Development Fees

Planning and Processing Fees

Neighboring Jurisdictions

General Plan Amendment



Zone Change



Tentative Tract map

$2,525 plus $15 per lot

$2,720 - $4,580

Conditional Use Permit




Existing SF: $500; other: $1,675


Plan Check- Single Family up to 3 homes

20% of building permit fee,

not to exceed $50


Plan Check- Other Residential

10% of building permit fee,

not to exceed $500

Planned Unit Development Review



Site Plan Review



Building Permit

Building valuation ≤

$100,000: $40 - $996

Building valuation >

$100,000: $3,146 - $5,576

(plus 2.85 for additional


$1,089-$2,096 per unit

Permit Issuance



Traffic Mitigation



Park In-Lieu Fees

$5,500/unit Mobile Home Park: $2,750/


$580-5557 per unit

School District Fees

$2.15 /square foot for all over

500 square feet

$2.24/sq. ft. - $3.56/sq. ft.

Developers may seek a waiver or modification of development standards that have the effect of precluding the construction of a housing development meeting the density bonus criteria. The developer must show that the waiver or modification is necessary to make the housing units economically feasible. The City’s density bonus regulations also include incentives and concessions. A developer can receive an incentive or concession based on the proportion of affordable units for target groups. Incentives or concessions may include, but are not limited to, a reduction in setback requirements and a reduction in the ratio of vehicular parking spaces that would otherwise be required that results in identifiable, financially sufficient, and actual cost reductions. Development Fees and Exactions Garden Grove charges planning fees to process and review plans for residential projects and also charges impact fees to ensure that infrastructure and facilities are in place to serve the projects. The City has designed its fees to recoup City costs associated with review and approval of proposed projects while not unduly constraining the financial feasibility and development of market rate and affordable housing. In addition to City development fees, the Garden Grove Unified School District requires the payment of a development fee. The fees are used for construction and/or reconstruction of school facilities. For residential development in excess of 500 square , the fee is $2.15 per square foot. A 2011 National Impact Fee Survey surveyed 37 California jurisdictions and estimated an average total impact fee of $32,531 for single-family residences and $20,198 for multi-family units within the state. The survey included the City of Brea and estimated impact fee of $28,242 for single-family residences and $12,389 for multi-family units. 10 Gov. Code § 65915 Housing Element Constraints Analysis The affordable costs of development fees in the City are an incentive to development, as they are lower than most Cities in the region. A comparative analysis of building fees by the Building Industry Association of Orange County11 shows that Garden Grove has fees comparable to and in some cases lower than neighboring jurisdictions (Fountain Valley, Santa Ana, Stanton, and Westminster). In the comparison, the City of Stanton most frequently had lower fees. Garden Grove’s planning and development fee schedule for residential projects as of 2012 is summarized in Table 38.

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