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Last Updated 08/14/21

The city government of Laguna Niguel has not yet updated it’s local zoning codes to comply with the State ADU mandate so the State Standards apply to the ADU development.

Planning And Development Fees / Permit Fees

Planning and Development Fees

Fee Category

Fee or Deposit Amount 1

Planning and Application Fees

Parcel Map

$2,080 deposit

Tentative Tract Map

$2,925 deposit

Minor Site Development Permit (administrative)

$2,000 deposit

Site Development Permit (discretionary)

$4,400 deposit

Minor Use Permit (administrative)

$1,600 deposit

Use Permit (discretionary)

$3,800 deposit

Specific Plan

$5,000 deposit

General Plan Amendment

$5,000 deposit

Zone Change

$5,000 deposit

Environmental Review

Environmental Impact Report (review) 2

$5,000 deposit

Building Fees

Building Permit and Inspection - SF

$1.10 per sq. ft.

Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing - SF

$0.153 per sq. ft.

Building Permit and Inspection- MF

$1.07 per sq. ft.

Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing- MF

$0.09 per sq. ft.

Development Impact Fees 3

City Road Fees

$4,393 - $6,887 per unit

OCFA Fire Station Fees

$66 - $336 per unit

County Library Fees

$276- $294 per unit

Child Care Fee Program

$20 per unit

Salt Creek Corridor Fees

$50 per unit

School Fees

$2.97 per sq.ft.

Water Connection Fee (Moulton-Niguel)

$700 per unit

Sewer Connection Fee (Moulton-Niguel)

$700 per unit

Estimated Total Fees 4

Single-Family Detached 5

$17,300 – 20,800

Est. % of total development cost 6

3% - 4%

Multi-Family 7

$11,400 – 15,000

Est. % of total development cost 8

4% - 5%

Development Fees and Improvement Requirements State law limits fees charged for development permit processing to the reasonable cost of providing the service for which the fee is charged. Various fees and assessments are charged by the City and other public agencies to cover the costs of processing permit applications and providing services and facilities such as schools, parks and infrastructure. Almost all of these fees are assessed through a pro rata share system, based on the magnitude of the project's impact or on the extent of the benefit that will be derived. Table IV-6 provides a list of fees the City of Laguna Niguel charges for new, standard residential development. The rates charged by the City are inclusive and based on standardized unit sizes. Development fees will vary from project to project depending on the specific characteristics.

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Bell Canyon
Bell Canyon
Bell Canyon

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Check your property's zoning, browse designs & get contractor estimates for your ADU project:

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