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Last Updated 09/16/21

The city government of Santa Ana has not yet updated it’s local zoning codes to comply with the State ADU mandate so the State Standards apply to the ADU development.

Planning And Development Fees / Permit Fees

Planning Division Fees in Santa Anaing

Planning Service


Site Plan Review

0 - 9,999 SF or Discretionary Action

$4,035 - 13,786 +

[1.18 - 4.94 x respective SF]

10,000 SF - 99,999 SF

$20,284 - $33,730 +

[0.13 - 0.65 x respective SF]

100,000 or more SF

$40,428 + 0.06/SF

Environmental Review

Categorical Exemptions


Negative Declaration without Traffic Study


Negative Declaration with Traffic Study


Environmental Impact Report


Other Actions

New Single-Family Residence Review


Second Dwelling Unit Review


Discretionary Land Use Actions

Change of Zone or District


Conditional Use Permit


Development Agreement/Review


General Plan Amendment


Parcel Map (Tentative)

$3,973 + 16.90/lot

Tract Map (Tentative)

$4,296 + $16.90/lot

Actions to Allow for Flexible Standards

Lot Line Adjustment


Minor Exception


Specific Development Zone




Source: Santa Ana Municipal Code, 2013 Note: Single-family projects are assumed to require minimal, if any, environmental review; condos and multiple-family projects typically require subdivision maps and greater environmental review. DEVELOPMENT FEES AND EXACTIONS The City of Santa Ana charges processing fees and exactions to recover the costs of providing services to new development. Development fees are designed to ensure that developers pay a fair, pro rata share of the costs of providing infrastructure, and to compensate for processing development application. Regional entities also charge development impact fees to cover the costs of providing schools, sanitation, and regional transportation improvements. Development Fees Table displays the planning fees for typical city permits and actions.

Residential Development Fees in Santa Ana

Permitted Housing

Product Types 1




City Building/Planning Fees

Building Fees




Fire Facility








City Impact Fees

Park Fees












TSIA, Residential Multiple-family




Street Work




Regional Impact (Other Agency)

School Fees ($3.20/sf)




Orange County Sanitation District




SMIP - State Seismic




Federal Clean Water




State Building Stds




Transportation Corridor Fee




Total Fees Per Unit

Total Fees


$5,110,026 2


Total Fees Per Unit




City Fees Only Per Unit




Other Agency Fees Per Unit




Source: City of Santa Ana Planning Division Fees, effective 7/1/2013 Note: Based on a comprehensive study by a third party consulting firm, planning/development fees were modified in 2009 to better reflect the actual cost of services. Cumulative Cost To determine the total cost of development fees, City staff compiled three prototypical projects–a single-family home, a 300-unit condominium project, and 74-unit apartment project. All development fees were then calculated. As shown in Table, total development fees for the residential projects ranged from $17,033 to $26,875 per unit. It should be noted that a significant percentage of the per unit fee is actually due to other agency charges.


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