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Last Updated 09/19/21

The city government of Simi Valley has updated it’s local zoning codes to comply with the State ADU mandate.

Planning And Development Fees / Permit Fees

Schedule of Typical Residential Development Processing Fees



Plan Check

$2,025 (min. filing) to $2,735 (max. billable) + $10 per unit

Conceptual Grading Permit


Landscape Architect Plan Review

$500 (min. filing) to 1.5% of estimated landscape construction costs

Pre-Application/Preliminary Review

$1,927 + $10 per unit

Conditional Use Permit Administrative

Planning Commission


$5,424 (min. filing) to $7,322 (max. billable) + $10 per unit

Development Agreement


General Plan Amendment Prescreening

w/ Environmental Impact Report

w/ Negative Declaration Affordable Housing


$7,670 (min. filing) to $10,355 (max. billable)

$4,136 (min. filing) to $5,584 (max. billable)

$3,145 (min. filing) to $4,245 (max. billable)


Lot Line Adjustment Parcel Map Tentative Tract Map

Vesting Tentative Tract Map


$2,551 (min. filing) to $3,445 (max. billable) + $10 per unit

$5,716 (min. filing) to $7,717 (max. billable) + $10 per unit

$6,445 (min. filing) + $10 per unit

Planned Development Permit Residential


$8,282 (min. filing) to $11,181 (max. billable) + $10 per unit

$5,997 (min. filing) to $8,096 (max. billable) + $200 per acre


Affordable Housing Agreement Senior Housing Agreement

$5,392 (min. filing) to $7,280 (max. billable)

$2,372 (min. filing) to $3,202 (max. billable)

Zone Change

$3,001 (min. filing) to $4,051 (max. billable)

Specific Pan

$24,972 (min. filing) to $33,712 (max. billable) + $5 per unit


$2,599 (min. filing) to $3,509 (max. billable)

CEQA Exemption


Initial Environmental Study (developer requested)

$3,016 (min. filing) to $6,033 (max. billable) + $10 per unit

Environmental Impact Report or Extended EIS

Consultant Fees + 30%

The City recently amended the Development Code to facilitate and encourage the provision of transitional housing, supportive housing, and SRO units consistent with state law, Government Code Sections 65582, 65583, 65589.5, and Chapter 614 of the Government Code. 4‐59 GENERAL PLAN CI TY OF SIMI VALLE Y CH A P TER 4: HOUSING PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT FEES The City charges a variety of fees and exactions to cover the cost of processing permits and providing necessary services and facilities for new development. In general, these fees can be a constraint on housing development and compromise market‐rate affordability because the additional cost borne by developers contributes to overall increased housing unit cost. However, the fees are necessary to maintain adequate planning services and other public services and facilities in the City. The City’s fee schedule for a typical residential project is displayed in Table . While Table shows typical planning fees in Simi Valley, Table H‐36 compares the Simi Valley planning fees to those of surrounding communities. Simi Valley’s planning fees are mid‐range when compared to those in Camarillo, Thousand Oaks, Santa Paula and Fillmore. In general Simi Valley’s fees are towards the lower end. The City has not raised its planning fees since 2008.

Comparison of Planning Fees

Simi Valley


Thousand Oaks

Santa Paula


Minor CUP




$3,599+FAHR 1


Major CUP



$15,000 (Deposit)



General Plan Amendment






Variance – Minor






Variance – Major






Zone Change






Parcel Map




Tract Map


$12,000 (Deposit)



SOURCE: City of Simi Valley, Department of Environmental Services, Adopted 2008 fees.

Development Impact Fees (Typical Projects)

Fee Type










Parks and Recreation

$2,986 to


$880 to


$1,732 to


$468 to


$1,571 to


$379 to



$33 per trip

$33 per trip

$33 per trip

$33 per trip

$33 per trip

$33 per trip




$7,240 +


$7,240 +






















Contro l





FAHR: Fully Allocated Hourly Rates for staff time spent on applications. Development impact fees are established for mitigating various development impacts based on the specific existing conditions of and projected needs for infrastructure and public facilities. Fees for public improvements (streets, sidewalks, storm drains, grading, etc.) can vary significantly even within the City depending upon the characteristics of the project site. The City of Simi Valley’s impact fee structure considers the extent to which the developer constructs off‐site improvements (discussed below). Off‐site improvement fees are assessed on a case‐by‐case basis and are intended to offset impacts to drainage and sewer facilities, schools, parkland, watershed protection, and other public facilities. A summary of estimated impact fees for typical residential types is included in Table H‐37. While these fees add to the cost of housing development, they are established to cover the costs of providing public infrastructure, facilities and improvements to serve the development. Since impact fees are subject to the requirements of state law for ensuring reasonableness and a proportionate share of responsibility, these fees are considered necessary to ensure quality of life for existing and future residents.

Actual Development Fees for Recent Projects

Fee Type

Multi‐Family Project (Spanish Villas)

Single‐Family Project (Los Arboles)

Mixed Use Project (The Marketplace)

Planning and Housing




Building and Safety




Public Works




Water and Sewer




City Traffic Fees




County Traffic Fees




Flood Control








Fire Department
















Total Fees








Cost per Unit




SOURCE: City of Simi Valley Estimated Construction Fees, 2013. School impact fees are collected for the school district and flood control fees are collected for the County. Fire fees are variable based on square footage and other factors. The Fire fees in the table are averages. Table H‐38 provides the actual development fees for three recent development projects in Simi Valley. Spanish Villas at the Park is a 38‐unit multi‐family development while Los Arboles was a development of 43 single‐family homes. The Marketplace is a mixed use project that includes 72 townhomes, 36 senior apartments and a commercial component. Table H‐38 shows the breakdown of all fees from planning to offsite improvements to public safety and impact fees. The total fees are moderate and represent only a small portion of total development costs (less than 10 percent) and do not constrain housing development in the City.

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