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Design + Feasibility

ADU Design Report

Starting at $250

Take the first step with custom ADU designs and confirm feasibility of your project.


Blueprints + Permitting

ADU Permit Set

Starting at $2,900

Get complete blueprints for your project and submit for permit approval.


Bids + Construction

ADU Marketplace

Range from $84,000 to $334,000 *

Get on-site visits and project cost estimates for your design from ADU specialized contractors.

ADU Design Report

Design + Feasibility Starting at $250

Take the first step with custom ADU designs and confirm feasibility of your project.

Cost will be credited towards your ADU Permit Set

Turnaround in 3-5 business days

Three custom designs for your ADU project

Includes site plans, 3D models and floor plans

Confirm project feasibility with state and local codes

Optional contractor site visits and project estimates

Follow up Zoom meeting to review your designs and project requirements with our team

No risk, money back guarantee *

* If your property is found to be ineligible for any form of ADU, your order will be refunded, less a 20% processing fee.

ADU Permit Set

Blueprints + Permitting Starting at $2,900

Get complete blueprints for your project and submit for permit approval.

Complete construction documents for your project

All plans specified the California Residential Code (CRC 2019)

Architectural plan views, elevations and sections

Mechanical, electrical and plumbing plans

Structural plans, details and calculations

Title 24 energy compliance certificate

Revisions required during permitting are included

Ready to submit within 10-20 days from date of order

Final balance payment is charged on delivery **

* You will get detailed pricing in your project page, depending on unit size, complexity and property specifics.

** Order confirmation requires a 20% payment to start, the final 80% balance is charged on delivery of permit ready plans.

ADU Marketplace

Bids + Construction Range from $84,000 to $334,000 *

Get on-site visits and project cost estimates for your design from ADU specialized contractors.

View ADU projects built on our ADU Marketplace here

Find the highest rated contractors that specialize in ADU projects

Get competitive cost estimates for your project

Assistance comparing your cost estimates

Provide feedback and get support from our team throughout the project

Typical construction timeline is 3-6 months for ADU projects

Payment schedule set by your selected contractor **

* Price range for projects provided by contractors on our ADU Marketplace in 2020.

** Once you select your contractor, make sure to upload the final agreement to your account to ensure complete documentation of terms throughout the project.

Quick response time and very knowledgeable about the ADU laws in California. Would definitely recommend Housable to a friend or anyone that's interested in building an ADU.

Bryan H. in Hayward, CA

Frequently Asked Questions

We specialize in city zoning and planning office communications, so even if you’ve already read all the requirements and been to the city planning office, we can help you make sure you've covered all the bases. That includes checking overlapping zoning requirements of the city and underlying zones. Even though many homeowners and industry professionals are able to do their own zoning research, it is always helpful to get an expert opinion. Our ADU Design Report provides you the easiest way to take the first step on your ADU project without commitments.

Yes, the cost of your ADU Design Report order will be credited toward your ADU Permit Set quote.

Our platform is available for use in all California cities. While our focus is primarily on serving individual homeowners, we do also have many architects, contractors, property managers and other real estate professionals who use our services for their projects too. If you are a professional interested in using Housable for your ADU projects, ask our team about getting set up with a professional account today!

Yes, at Housable, we are committed to making the process to build an ADU easier, faster, and more transparent. Our platform provides you with everything you will need to build your project on your timeline, on your budget, and without pressure or commitment.

Once you have requested your free ADU Property Report to verify that your property will be allowed some form of ADU, the first step to start the process is then to order your ADU Design Report. This will allow our team to help you verify your project is feasible and go over design options that can work for your needs and your property.

Your ADU Design Report is the first step to starting your ADU project. Our Design Report provides you with a fast and cost-effective solution to explore your ADU design options. The report includes a complete analysis of your property's feasibility, preliminary site plan, proposed design options and contractor cost estimates for your ADU project. Once your order is completed, we'll schedule a video call with you to review the findings, answer any questions you have, and discuss the design options for your project.

Your ADU Permit Set is the second step on our platform and moves your project from design to reality. It provides you with a complete set of construction drawings (blueprints) for your project. All permit drawings must include floor plans, a site plan, MEP plans, title 24 energy certificate, structural plans, and scope of work. We also provide support for comments and revisions during the permitting process. You will be able to order your ADU Permit Set once your ADU Design Report has been completed by our team to verify that your project will comply with all state and local codes.

Our ADU Marketplace allows you to connect with contractors who specialize in ADU construction and serve your local area. We vet contractors based on online ratings, reviews, responsiveness, ADU experience and feedback from previous projects. All contractors are also required to be properly licensed and insured to be featured. This service is provided to all Housable users with active projects on the platform and can be used to source consultations, on-site visits and project cost estimates for your project design.

No, our platform is much like a typical architecture and engineering firm, providing all of the services that you need to get your ADU project ready to build. If we did the construction too, we would be in competition with the contractors we feature on our platform. Through our ADU Marketplace, you can source more ADU qualified contractors faster, more competitively and with more transparency than on any other platform, which we believe delivers far more value over all.

Housable provides all services through modern online communications systems. Our team will conduct consultations, feasibility analysis and design services through video calls, phone calls, email and chat communications. If an on-site visit is required for your project, contractors on our ADU Marketplace are available locally to perform on-site consultations and evaluations.

We price our services based on several factors including the size and complexity of the design, the location of the project and local permitting requirements.

Yes, our process allows for you to request changes to your design as needed throughout the process. In many cases updates and change requests can be provided free of charge.

We do require that all projects start by ordering the ADU Design Report as the first step. This ensures that our team is able to evaluate the requirements of the project and ensure that it will be feasible before you make any commitment to submit for project permits.

Housable has been great to work with! I have done 3 projects with them and highly recommend. They are quick to follow up and communicate effective. The plans produced have been outstanding. My city has been very happy with the products we've been giving them which has led to faster approval times.

Kyle in Monterey, CA

Housable has been a great resource regarding my ADU project. I purchased both the Property and Design Reports. In both cases, they delivered as promised and on time.

Eddie in Corona, CA

Thanks so much for the designs. We walked through them with one of our family members who is an architect and she was super impressed with the specificity of the plans, so thank you!

Troy M. in Sacramento, CA

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