Housable ADU Project Case Study:

Detached ADU in Hayward, CA

Housable ADU Project Case Study:

Detached ADU in Hayward, CA

Project Scope

Project Details
Completed Project
ADU Type:
Detached Adu
ADU Size:
495 sq. ft., 2 bed, 1 bath
Project Location:
Hayward, CA
Project Timeline:
7 months
Project Cost:
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Goal: The property owner wanted to build a small, single-story ADU, under 500 square feet with two bedrooms and a living/cooking space.

Design Challenge: The property had setback requirements which limited layout options. The homeowner also wanted two full-sized bedrooms with a total footprint of under 500 square feet.

Process and Solution: The homeowner had a good idea of what they wanted in the final ADU and provided our team with a clear design concept. Our team used these specifications to design a new, detached ADU with two bedrooms, a modest and open kitchen/living/dining area, an attic, and a bathroom with a shower. The design maximized the usable space by using a cooktop in lieu of a full oven, and took advantage of the natural light with double glass doors.

This project took 7 months to complete and cost of $165,000, $4,175 was for Housable feasibility, design, and drafting services, which save the homeowner over $9,000 based on the going rate for architectural services.

Project Layout:

See an early ADU Design for the project below. Customers may provide mark ups to request changes and confirm information about their project throughout the process.

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