Housable ADU Project Case Study:

Permit Existing ADU in Los Angeles, CA

Housable ADU Project Case Study:

Permit Existing ADU in Los Angeles, CA

Project Scope

Project Details
Completed Project
ADU Type:
Garage Conversion
ADU Size:
963 sqft, 1 bed, 1 bath
Project Location:
Los Angeles, CA
Project Timeline:
10 months

Goal: The property owner wanted Housable to provide drafting services for the existing structure in order to permit the ADU.

Design Challenge: The existing ADU was constructed without permits, was located within a historic district, and had been built within existing power line easements.

Process and Solution: The homeowner provided us with detailed drawings of the existing space, just under 1000 square feet, which was being used as a rec room. The open floor plan included two living areas adjacent to a dining bar.

The owner was highly engaged and worked with our designers and the city to ensure that the project was approved. Our team also helped to answer questions regarding the fire rating of existing walls.

The structure already had all of the necessary components of an ADU, a living space, a bathroom, and a kitchen, so permitting this project was very easy as no new construction was necessary to bring the project to code.

Project Layout:

See an early ADU Design for the project below. Customers may provide mark ups to request changes and confirm information about their project throughout the process.

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