Housable ADU Project Case Study:

Attached New Construction ADU

Housable ADU Project Case Study:

Attached New Construction ADU

Project Details
In Construction
ADU Type:
Attached New Construction
ADU Size:
600 sf
Project Location:
Monterey, CA
Project Timeline:
18 months

Goal: The property owner wanted to expand the existing garage and design an ADU above the existing garage with an exterior staircase for privacy.

Problem: Setbacks limited footprint expansion options and the height could not exceed 24’.

Housable Solution:The customer chose to expand the existing 18X21’ attached garage to 670 square feet by moving the rear and front walls, which doubled the size of the garage and allowed for a larger living area. The size increase respected the available space and utilities to minimize construction costs.

The final ADU included a bedroom, a separate living area, dining room, full kitchen, a single bathroom with a shower, and a standing washer-dryer set and is accessed via an exterior stairway. By having the ADU above the garage guests and residents were afforded more privacy with the largest windows facing away from the primary residence.

Unique Project Traits: The homeowner in this case chose to modify one of Housable’s existing designs.

Using this model as the starting point, this project was customized to the owner's preferences and the conditions of the property.

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