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Housable made permitting my ADU easy! I'm a builder, so I knew what I wanted. :) Their design team worked with me to get the project approved and I'm now under construction.

Michael S. in Watsonville, CA

My experience with Housable was exceptional. The team was extremely helpful and responsive. I am very satisfied and happy to have used these services. As a homeowner I do not know the construction lingo or process but the Housable team very kind and helpful and patient with me. My expectations were exceeded. Thank you for everything.

Monica H. in Oakland, CA

The plans were approved and I received the permit today. Thank you for all your help with the process!

Jannie B. in Los Angeles, CA

We have our final inspection TODAY and do expect it will go well. We’ve been lucky to have a nice inspector. I’ll send you more pics this weekend!

Fiona K. in Bell Canyon, CA

Thanks so much for the designs. We walked through them with one of our family members who is an architect and she was super impressed with the specificity of the plans, so thank you!

Troy M. in Sacramento, CA

Good news- we just got plan approval from Building and Safety!

Liz K. in Burbank, CA

I just wanted to let you know that the permit process has been completed and we are currently in the construction phase. The work you guys did was great and I will definitely be using this service again in the future. I will keep you guys updated on anything important. Thanks!

Patrick L. in Orange County, CA

My permits were APPROVED! Thank you for all your hard work. I'm in the process of meeting with contractors now.

Mary S. in San Jose, CA

I’ve had the Housable team prepare five sets of plans now for me. I’ve completed two of the ADU projects so far. Let me start out by saying I am a general contractor so there is a slight advantage to understanding the plans. That being said where I live in the city of Monterey and I’m sure elsewhere ADU’s are so new that the building officials were not quite clear on what exactly was required. The Housable team helped us the entire way. They basically gave me a complete set of plans and all I had to do was drop them off to the city. The city did come back with some items they needed to be revised, Housable corrected them at no additional charge. What I liked about working with Housable is I was able to customize the finishes to the products I’m used to working with. They are open to anything that’s going to make the job easier. As far as a fixture schedule goes, the first go around their drafting team did provide specs for everything that would go into the ADU. However I did change them up and customize them to what I wanted. Overall it’s been a great experience working with them, I’ve had other draftsman/architect draw up plans for me before I found out about their team and they were more than double the price.

John in Seaside, CA

Easy to use, good price for the service, innovative way to appraoch construction projects!

Alexandria in Santa Ana, CA

Housable has been a great resource regarding my ADU project. I purchased both the Property and Design Reports. In both cases, they delivered as promised and on time.

Eddie in Corona, CA

Quick response time and very knowledgeable about the ADU laws in California. Would definitely recommend Housable to a friend or anyone that's interested in building an ADU.

Bryan H. in Hayward, CA

This was a great place for us to start the investigation into building an ADU. The nominal investment to get most of the ADU parameters established is money well spent.

Kevin in Los Altos, CA

Housable has been great to work with! I have done 3 projects with them and highly recommend. They are quick to follow up and communicate effective. The plans produced have been outstanding. My city has been very happy with the products we've been giving them which has led to faster approval times.

Kyle in Monterey, CA

Thank you so much for getting all the plans to me by last Monday. This process is very new to me. The Housable Design Team was really helpful in a last minute request the city had!

Cassie in San Jose, CA

I would recommend these services as a cost effective way to begin the serious research necessary to organize an ADU project.

Sharon in Los Angeles, CA

When I received the summary report I was pleasantly surprised. It was very detailed and had very useful information for the approximate costs and the anticipated issues that might arise.

Ramina in Riverside, CA

Housable provided all of the information we needed to make a decision about building an ADU. Thanks for the excellent service!

Thea in Escondido, CA

Professional set of plans, fast turn-around. This is the best company out there for your ADU plans.

John in Vacaville, CA