Housable ADU Project Case Study:

Garage Conversion in Seaside, CA

Housable ADU Project Case Study:

Garage Conversion in Seaside, CA

Project Scope

Project Details
Completed Project
ADU Type:
Garage Conversion
ADU Size:
490 sq ft., 1 bedroom
Project Location:
Seaside, CA
Project Timeline:
6 months
Project Cost:
Architectural Design Fees
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Percentage of Project Cost:
Housable Fees
Design + Permitting
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Net Savings With Housable:

Goal: The homeowner wanted to convert their existing 500 square foot garage into a comfortable ADU for friends and family.

Design Challenge: The existing structure needed significant upgrades including seismic retrofitting and waterproofing before it could be used as a living space.

Process and Solution: The homeowner wanted a simple ADU with one bedroom and a separate living space. In order to bring the existing structure up to code, significant retrofitting was completed on the foundation and framing. The final design included sheathing panels that served as both wall finish and as structural panels for wall bracing, as well as a vapor barrier to waterproof the existing slab foundation and minimize costs.

This ADU project was completed in 6 months and cost $110,000, $3,125 of which was for Housable feasibility, design, and drafting services, saving the homeowner over $5,600 assuming the standard rate for architectural services.

Project Layout:

See an early ADU Design for the project below. Customers may provide mark ups to request changes and confirm information about their project throughout the process.

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